Early last year, someone in the Hong Kong music scene contacted me to work on a new festival concept with them – their concept is a cool idea and has huge potential to be successful. Unfortunately, I then had to postpone working with them as Mellow Yellow Music Festival was taking up all my time and I didn’t think it was fair to commit to helping and then doing nothing!

Today, I decided to get back in touch, by sharing the summary footage from the Mellow Yellow festival and suggested we could start to work on their festival and use the same location. I immediately got a reply saying “No, I’m not watching. I’m not interested in any colour related to Hong Kong” and then further comments of how it is all ‘sensitive‘ and ‘not the right timing‘.

This of course annoyed me a lot. First it showed they didn’t read a word I wrote, just saw the word “Yellow” and reacted. I wasn’t asking them to be involved in my festival in any way 🙂 🙂 Secondly I don’t personally politicise the colours blue or yellow. What a conundrum it would be for me, if I did! The Underground official colours are yellow and black and I’m well-known for having blue hair!!

I am intrigued to see if the Mellow Yellow sponsors and partners from 2019 will have the same reaction to the word yellow, as I’m very much hoping to host the second edition this year. Watch this space.

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