This week I left a band

This week, I left a band that I only joined in September 2019.

The bass player of this band, is new to HK and as a trailing spouse, he has plenty of time on his hands, unlike the rest of us, especially me! He has a concept and it seemed quite cool at first, when he pitched it to me. We had one rehearsal where it sounded possible, musically speaking.

Unfortunately it soon started to feel stressful. For example, he sent tracks from his previous band and asked me to either learn the lyrics (which he didn’t know) or to write new lyrics. First it was three songs and then gradually he sent new songs that he composed and recorded digitally and ask me to write lyrics for them. With some of these new songs, he dictated what the subject of the song should be about….

Then he wrote a band biography for us that simply mentioned “Chris B (Underground HK) as the singer” then detailed six paragraphs about himself. 🙂
Admittedly he has accomplished a lot with his previous band in another country prior to moving here but it’s not feeling like a band, but rather like I’m a singer in his solo music project. I’m not expecting other people to sing my praises, but it doesn’t feel right that he’s expecting me to spend my money, my time and my creativity to develop ‘his band’.

This week, he whatsapped me and asked “if you don’t have enough time for this band, would you start to send me contact details of other female rock singers in HK?” 🙂 🙂

I would so love to sing and play in a guitar again. It could be with Thinking Out Loud or with CHRANG! or with a new band. So fingers crossed!

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