Poster Girl Day

Today, I was in Mong Kok, delivering some posters for Funk Ska Nation (I get the A2 and A3 posters printed there as I get better pricing than at e-print!) and was chatting to the guys who run the various band rehearsal rooms and I wasn’t too surprised to find out that business has been tough for them too.

Here in Hong Kong, since space/land is a premium and almost everyone lives in a flat, no one has a ‘garage’ or ‘basement’ to rehearse in, so many bands and musicians hire a rehearsal room to practice in.

The ones in Mong Kok / Prince Edward are more affordable – around HK$80 to HK$120 per hour (when split four or five ways is dirt cheap) – you eventually get used to squeezing five people into a tiny room and making sure you don’t whack your guitar neck into someone else 🙂 It’s good practice for playing gigs in small venues 🙂

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