I just launched a survey!

Here in Hong Kong, we’re experiencing our third wave of Covid-19 and to be honest, it’s way worse than the previous ‘waves.’ The HK Government have shut bars, pubs and places of entertainment for the past two weeks. Starting tomorrow, restaurants can only offer take-out service. There is no ‘musician cluster’ this time, however live music (and dancing) is somehow seen as high risk of infecting people.
For working musicians, this is their worse nightmare happening again. In an expensive city like Hong Kong, without an income, what are they doing to make ends meet?
If you are a working musician or a part-time musician or you know someone who is,
please send them this survey link:
We shall release the results next week.
(Please fill in before 4th August 2020)

Starting from tomorrow, it will be illegal to be a maskhole in public in Hong Kong, so lets hope that cuts down the virus cases in Hong Kong. Stay safe and healthy!

I was on RTHK’s Morning Brew to talk about the survey, which can explain more.

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