Top 10 things NOT to do at a gig

Today I published an article on The Underground website called (Top 10 things NOT to do when you are playing a showcase/gig). 

As a promoter, I’ve curated 119 Shazza Music showcases, 250 Underground shows, hosted various Battles and Competitions and I’ve also MC at other people’s live music events since year 2000; which means I’ve seen and introduced bands over 2000 times in my life! 

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel excited about a band, if they do one or more of these things on my list. 

Of course, my top 10 list is totally based on my opinion and is HongKong-centric, however it might be useful to bands/musicians in other countries.  It was fun compiling the list and I hope to do more lists in the future!  

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